It’s a Detroit Thing… Moods & Grooves Records 1999
Electronic Breeze (Grant/Trackmaster Lou) Track Mode/Music Is… 1999
Transition Pt. 1 Track Mode Recordings 2000
Late Nite Moods & Grooves Records 2000
And Then It Was My Turn… Moods & Grooves Records 2001
How Long Must I Continue Moods & Grooves Records 2003
No Time Like Yesterday Neurhythmics Recordings 2004
As Cool Peepl
Sharevari Moods & Grooves Records 2004
Free Pt. I Moods & Grooves Records 2014
Free Pt. II Moods & Grooves Records 2015
As Black Noise
Nature of the Beast (Grant/Baby Pop) Metroplex Records 1997
Step Into the Darkness (Grant/Therapy) End to End Recordings 2001
Nature of the Beast Remixes Pt. 1 End to End Recordings 2003
Nature of the Beast Remixes Pt. 2 End to End Recordings 2004
Blacktronics – Raindrops (Mike Grant Remix) Moving Records 2001
A Number of Names – Sharevari (Cool Peepl Remix) Puzzlebox Records 2002
Brian Harden – Nomadic Jazz (Mike Grant’s Detroit String Section Mix) Moods & Grooves Records 2002
Rondenion – Strange Love (Mike Grant’s Late Night Mix) Roundabout Sounds 2014
Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana – Make Me Feel (Mike Grant’s Late Night Mix) Deep Explorer 2015

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