Submit Demo

When submitting demos:

If you’re not already familiar, research the label to see what kind of music we release (hard techno, trance, electro, dubstep, or any other commercial genres need NOT apply).

We’re not looking for Detroit CLONES, but don’t mind Detroit inspired.

Please do not send PRE-PACKAGED projects or EPs; let us do the A&R, we’d like to hear all you have to offer (you may be surprised at what we like).

Do not send snippets or LOW sample rate files (if after all these years and releases you can’t trust us there’s nothing else to say).

LABEL your files so we’ll know who they belong to.

If you send SoundCloud links, send a playlist rather then multiple links, MAKE THEM DOWNLOADABLE, and keep them available long enough to get to them.

Please understand it MAY take a minute to reply with the number of promos and demos received.

Having said that, please send your demos to: demos (at) moodsandgrooves (dot) com

Thank you

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